Case Study: PM01

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Location: Orini

Cows: 300 Spring Calving


  • Existing storage ponds were too small and not sealed to required standard
  • No stone trap leading to a lot of grit/stones in the existing pond
  • Old style irrigator over applying effluent


Ran through a number of scenarios in the Massey University dairy effluent storage calculator which revealed upgrading the irrigation system dramatically reduced the size of the pond due to increased number of irrigation days available and higher system flow rate. Other contractors were used to de sludge the existing pond, re construct to required dimensions & line with HDPE synthetic liner.

Installed a new suitably sized shore mount pump & stirrer, extended irrigation lines & upgraded irrigator to a low rate traveller

Installed concrete stone trap & Williams 3 x 6 x 1.4 meter tailings bunker

Key Products
Concrete Precast stone trap & 3 x 6 x 1.4 metre tailings bunker
HDPE liner with geotextile underlay, gas venting and ground water drainage/leak detection system by Agruline NZ
Yardmaster 10.5 metre 7.5kw shore mount pond stirrer
Yardmaster self-priming multistage pump
Williams GB Magnum travelling raingun irrigator
Williams Auto Shut-off Valve

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