Pump Pontoon

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The Williams Pump Pontoon is a multi-drum float which allows the positioning of effluent pumps and stirrers on effluent ponds and concrete tanks. Now with a quick way of removing the pump from the pontoon, is as easy as undoing 4 coach bolts and lifting the pump straight off without the problem of undoing the outlet pipe. The advantages of using a pontoon to float the effluent pump is that it will pump from a set depth, floating on the surface of the pond. The standard set-up will cater for all types of effluent pumps from 5hp to 30hp. The pontoons are attached to the edge of the pond or tank by either a boom or guide. The option of a guide or legs ensures that the stirrer does not hit the bottom of the tank.

Case Study: BF01
Multi-drum float 3 - 10 metre booms available
Allows the positioning of effluent pumps and stirrers on effluent ponds and tanks Available in 4 or 6 drum configuration
A floated effluent pump will pump from a set depth Pontoons float on the surface of the pond
Boom contains 76mm O.D. effluent pipe and 33mm O.D.service pipe for electrics Caters for all types of effluent pumps from 5hp tp 30hp

Technical Support

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