Fail Safe Systems

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YARDMASTER® HALO® provides next generation monitoring and control of your Dairy Effluent system. The SUPERSMART Monitoring & Control platform can be tailored to match the requirements of your farm and you can choose from a range of additional options. Ideal for control of multiple product flows so the power is delivered where needed.

COMPLIANCE: As compliance requirements develop, this super smart technology is ready to go. With unlimited cloud-based storage of all your effluent data ready to be shared directly with regional council if needed.

HOW THE HALO SYSTEM WORKS: Each HALO system starts with a Gateway base statIon, incorporaIng a GSM data connection. This GSM connection communicates all on-farm data directly to our cloud based servers. Software and system updates are taken care of via this link also. To include multiple data points across the farm we have created a low cost, high performance radio platform. HALO transmits via a mesh of repeating radio nodes each of which have the ability to record and transmit data as required. All data is made available via our secure, online HALO Dashboard.

FUTURE EXPANSION: This HALO platform has the capacity to work seamlessly with our wider suite of farm management systems. Monitor milk vat storage, primary cooler efficiency, water usage, tank storage, silo level alerts, weather stations and much more.

Case Study: AG01
Enables the application of effluent at a controlled rate The VSD will adjust motor speed to required effluent disposal rate
Monitor flow with auto shut-off when interrupted or compromised Text alerts when system stops, cause notification
Pump run feedback with remote start/stop Pressure guard
Pond level management, including freeboard alerts Programmable application
Metering of applied volumes Manage up to six zones remotely
Travelling irrigator fail-safe and proof-of-placement Pod placement and pressure guard
‘Greenwater’ priority storage for floodwash management Geo fencing
Sump control Sizes: 11kW, 15kW, 18.5kW and 22kW VSD pump controller. All capable of running a 7.5kW DOL stirrer in tandem.

Technical Support

It is of vital importance that the support provided for Williams Engineering products is of the same quality and professionalism as that of their manufactured products. Technical support is available through our nationwide dealer network or contact Williams Engineering direct.


Williams Engineering warrants new products sold by it to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve months after delivery to the initial user. This warranty is for the replacement or repair of any part found to be defective during the warranty period. This warranty excludes any transport costs incurred by Williams Engineering in giving effect to the warranty and specifically excludes all normal maintenance costs. Replacement parts provided under the terms of this warranty are covered for the remainder of the warranty period applicable to the product in which they are installed as if such parts were original components of that product.

Warranty only applies if the form at the rear of the product manual is completed and returned.