Case Study: MF01

Location: Kerepehi

Cows: 450 Spring Calving


  • Aim to become fully compliant.
  • Existing system consisted of a blocked off barrier ditch that feed pad was also scraped into.
  • Provided approximately 2 weeks of storage before being spread via Yardmaster pump & old Williams irrigator.


Given the slight elevation of the shed, every effort was made to ensure effluent could gravity feed into the suitably sized HDPE lined storage pond to eliminate the need/risk/cost of requiring a transfer sump. Installed large 20 x 4 stone trap off the end of feed pad that cowshed effluent enters also. Separated effluent gravity fed into pond before being pumped to pasture when/as required.

Key Products
Williams 20 x 4 x 1.4 metre stone trap/wedge
HDPE liner with geotextile underlay, gas venting & ground water drainage/leak detection system by Agruline NZ
Yardmaster 7.8 metre 7.5kw shore mount pond stirrer
Yardmaster pontoon mounted effluent pump
Williams Riser Hydrant
Williams Super Spider travelling irrigator

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